We are a team of singers with professional background in voice and therapeutic work. In our Vocal Sound Bath we create sonic landscapes in the moment, specifically for each person and group, with the intention of deepening an inner connection. We invite you to choose a comfortable, lying down position to receive a lullaby of our voices.


  • A deeply relaxing experience for mind, body and spirit
  • Sound waves and frequencies have a calming effect on your nervous system
  • Passive treatment that reduces anxiety and stress
  • Connect with your intention of healing in a safe and nurturing space

What happens during a Vocal Sound Bath:

Over the course of 45min you will be bathed in vocal sound created live for you. Each Session begins with a guided meditation to connect with your body and breath. We then use vocal techniques such as “toning” and “overtoning” for you to gradually relax more into your body, followed by creating the vocal landscapes and melodies we dedicate to you in the moment.


Session Options:

Our Vocal Sound Baths are tailored for up to max. 6 people. You will go deeper into a therapeutic process, especially as you connect more often to this practice with time.

Session with 2 Singers

This setting is ideal for everyone who wants to experience a more personalized work. Conceptualised for an Individual Session with a therapeutic intention; or as a relaxing sound experience to reconnect with your body.

Session with 3 Singers

Recommended for a Couple Session, in which you share an intimate sound connection with your partner. You can also book this option to deepen your connection with your family or friends, while being bathed in the sound of three singers.

Session with 4 Singers

With four singers, this setting is literally more enveloping and surrounding. It is suited for everyone who seeks a sensational experience, travelling along with the vocal sounds and awakening a flow of images inside of you. Recommended for a Session with your Family or Friends, in which you deepen your connection through the intention that you set for each other.

What people have said after receiving our Vocal Sound Bath:

“I feel very at peace with myself and very light”.
“I feel very calm and I really needed this after feeling very tense the last days.”
“I felt as if I travelled through different countries”.



To book a session for yourself, or for someone close to you, please get in touch via anna@yourvoicemoves.com

Upon booking you will receive a registration form where we ask you to share your main intention for receiving our Vocal Sound Bath.


Our Vocal Sound Bath Sessions take place at the beautiful Little Yoga Spacehttp://www.littleyogaspacelisboa.com