“I live by breathing in and breathing out, I sing by transforming this breath into sound, sound which forms the material for the contents of the soul.” (Alfred Wolfsohn)


Singing to and from your heart begins by tuning into your whole body, and truly connecting with your emotions and thoughts, which brings you closer to finding and embodying your unique voice.


Sessions Structure
The sessions are structured in a way that we make space for a therapeutic and creative path together. We take time for body and vocal warm up, observing where tensions are held in the body and softly resolving any blockages. From that place we will move into creating authentic material, which may be a little poem or song, based on your present story. Sometimes we will also use art materials to help visualise your process.


Benefits of Voice Movement Therapy
• Renewed personal confidence & self esteem
• Clarity and focus
• Finding and expressing your natural voice power
• Opening up your vocal and expressive range
• Being more aware and accepting of your body and voice
• Release of tension associated with physical and psychological energy blocks


Investment in your Journey
To enable a therapeutic and creative process to unfold an honest commitment is essential.

The sessions are offered in English, German or Portuguese.
No singing experience is necessary.
Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook to accompany your creative process.


Get in Touch
If this resonates with you then please get in touch so that we can arrange a session: contact