☆ Your Singing Body Morning Session ☆ October 4th, Ericeira

October 4, 2023

10:00 - 11:30

House of the Rising Mojo, Calçada do Cravo 1, 2640-086 Santo Isidoro

Regulars: 12€ / Drop-in: 15€


Wednesday Morning Session 


for everyone who is curious about reconnecting more with their voice.


I invite you to gather in the VOICE TEMPLE to experience the SINGING BODY Morning class in Ericeira. 


In this session I will guide you through a variety of Embodied Voice Practices and Songs, to listen, flow and explore your voice in your body and within the sound body of the group.

The intention is to create an inspiring, joyful, empowering space for us to dive into the depth of our soul and resurface with open hearts and voices.

Based on 10years teaching experience with Voice Movement Therapy I share with you what I love most and have found to be nurturing in my own voice and soul journey.


☆  Date: Wednesday Morning, October 4th, from 10.00 – 11.30h

☆  Location: House of the Rising Mojo, Calçada do Cravo 1, 2640-086 Santo Isidoro, Ericeira

Exchange: Regulars: 12€ / Drop-in: 15€


☆ Registration: 

Please let me know in advance that you are joining us: 

mail:         anna@yourvoicemoves.com
message:  @yourvoicemoves
phone:     +351 91 335 8226


The Session can be held in English and Portuguese, depending on the needs of the group participating

☆ Please bring comfortable clothes to move in and your own water bottle


I am looking forward to meeting you and your voice soon, Anna  

☆ YOUR SINGING BODY ☆ WOMEN'S DAY RETREAT ☆ Friday, October 13th, Ericeira

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