Voice Wisdom – A Sabedoria da Voz (Wednesday 5th June, 20-22h)

June 5, 2019

20:00 - 22:00

Little Yoga Space, Rua da Assunçao 42, first floor

Price: 15€


This is an invitation for you who wishes to connect with the Wisdom and Natural Healing Capacity of your Voice more deeply.

We will move through different Nurturing Soundscapes:
Connecting to our Voice by Healthy Breathing and Singing
✦ Developing the Capacity to Listen through a Heart Sound Meditation
✦ Creating Space for Individual and Collective Voice Wisdom
✦ Releasing Tensions accompanied by Ceremonial Drumming
✦Discovering how your Body Awareness can help you connect to the Innate Wisdom of Your Inner Voice in daily life

✦ Anna Grabner ✦
is essentially passionate about the healing qualities of the voice. As a singer and psychologist she found an inspiring match in Voice Movement Therapy (VMT), a safe foundation to assist people in reconnecting with their authenticity through their voice.
She found that the playful nature of VMT encourages people to unfold their personal stories in guided voice movement journeys. In her sessions she assists her clients in connecting with their authenticity through movement and voice, inviting them to create their own life poems and heart songs. Her intention is to provide a safe playground for profound and creative self-expression.

Date: Wednesday 5th June
Time: 20-22.00h
Location: Little Yoga Space, Rua da Assunçao 42, first floor

Price: 15€
Registration: Please get in touch with me if this resonates with you. I will then send you my bank details for you to secure your space: anna@yourvoicemoves.com

✦ What Thany P. said about working with Anna✦
“Thank you so much for this amazing journey. It was very intense and deep but also beautiful. I felt so safe with Anna with her amazing presence and sweetness that I could easily follow her instructions and I could feel that she was guiding me safely to a very unaware and unknown place. I saw myself exploring voices and movements that were coming from my inner being. On top of that it was beautiful to see in her eyes her admiration for my own process, which makes me feel more curious to go deeper. It was simply lovely, she is creative, soft and uses a very beautiful instrument: our own voice in our own body. Just have one thing to say: Board this trip, it is worth every moment.”

Be the change you want to see in the world (Ghandi).


Vamos conectar com o Poder da nossa Respiracão e da Nossa Voz. Convido te a sentir a vibração da tua voz, a escutar o teu corpo instrumento e ligar te com a sabedoria da tua voz única. Para confirmares o teu lugar no círculo se faz favor entre em contacto comigo: anna@yourvoicemoves.com

VOCAL SOUND BATH (Friday, 7th June, 20h)

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