Your Voice Moves (Wednesday Mornings)

Starts January 9, 2019
Ends March 13, 2019

10:30 - 11:30

R. da Assunção 42, 1100-044 Lisboa (first floor)

10€ per class / 48€ for 6 classes (valid for 2months)

“Your Voice Moves” is a Journey.

A Journey into Your Body and Heart, inviting your Voice to Dance with you.

In each session we will connect with ourselves fully, and bit by bit we will release some of the tension we are holding in our physical and emotional body.

Let your voice be expressed. Let yourself by heard by the group.
We will move and sound individally and as a group, moving and singing in a circle, supporting each other’s journeys.

This is more than a singing class, for it is based on my working experience with voice movement therapy.

Some Benefits of “Your Voice Moves” classes therefore are:

• Finding and expressing your natural voice
• Opening up your vocal and expressive range
• Renewed personal confidence & self esteem
• Being more aware and accepting of your body and voice
• Release of tension associated with physical and psychological energy blocks

Let us connect in a joyous way.
Breathing, Sounding, Singing, Moving, Dancing, Spiraling.
Singing Life! Dancing your Life!


Wednesday Mornings, each time from 10.30h – 11.30h


At Little Yoga Space, Baixa (first Floor) 

10€: per Class
48€: for 6 classes (valid for 2months)

The sessions are held primarily in English. I also translate to Portuguese, adapting to the needs of the group each session.


Please get in touch with me via


Prenatal Special with Yoga and Voice (Saturday, 2nd March, 15-17h)

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