Voice Bath and Heart Sound Meditation

December 3, 2018

13:00 - 14:00

R. da Assunção 42, 1100-044 Lisboa


with three Singers  

Join us for a deeply relaxing experience for mind, body and spirit. Come and lie down to be bathed in sounds created by our voices in the moment. 

The Session begins with a guided meditation to connect with your body and breath. We then use vocal techniques such as “toning” and “overtoning” for you to gradually relax more into your body, followed by creating vocal landscapes and melodies we dedicate to you in the moment.

After receiving the Voice Bath we will sit together in a circle for a Heart Sound Meditation, to release any left over tensions through soft humming and sounding from our heart space.

The Singers:

Anna Grabner is essentially passionate about the healing qualities of the voice. As a singer and psychologist she found an inspiring match in Voice Movement Therapy, a safe foundation to assist people in reconnecting with their authenticity through their voice.  

Diogo Tomás is a professional singer based in Lisbon. Besides his artistic journey, he has been researching and deepening the inevitable connection between voice and self-knowledge, working as a vocal coach and facilitator in individual and group sessions, to help people find their own voice.

Miguel Soares has been immersed in music making as a way of exploring and transmuting Self and Others. Musical connection, creation and performance have been a driving force in life along with his work as a music therapist in the field of mental health.

Contribution: 15€
Please register via the booking system: 
or via: anna@yourvoicemoves.com / (+351) 91 335 8226

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