Songbirds, Let Your Voice Fly

February 24, 2017

19:00 - 21:00

Little Yoga Space, R. da Assunção 42, 1100-044 Lisboa


Good Evening Songbirds, Come and Let Your Voice Fly

In this 2h evening session we will dance with our voices in a fun, creative and restorative way. We will connect with ourselves and with each other, by vibrating from within us, from our inner heart song, and harmonising with each other.

We will begin with some gentle physical and vocal warm-up. From there we will move into individual exploration, discovering our unique voices through specific vocal and non-vocal components. This will flow into a space for singing and harmonising as a group together. We will listen to each other to create something special in the moment.

Come as you are, no singing experience is necessary, just the wish to express yourself.
The session is held in English, but I can translate into Portuguese from time to time when needed.

This gathering is about reconnecting and sharing our voices, especially in a time where we need to have a voice and express ourselves truthfully!

Sisterhood Song Circle - Celebração do Dia Internacional da Mulher

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