SONG OF THE HEART – 6 Week Women’s Online Course

Starts November 11, 2021
Ends December 16, 2021

10:00 - 11:30


90€ Early Bird until October 19th


◈ 6 Week Women’s Online Course 

with Anna Grabner

◈ WELCOMING your VOICE to SING from your HEART 

Our Heart Space safely guards our emotional journeys.

With every heart beat you can choose anew:
Will you express your heart’s longing or will you keep that part of yourself tucked away?
Are you ready to soften any pain and awaken joy that you are holding within?

What does your HEART long for?
Healing Expression Awakening  Reconnection Truth 

Will you Sing to your Heart?  

I warmly welcome you to listen deeply and to voice your heart’s longing.



◈ Intention of this Course: 

The intention of this Course is to hold a safe space for you to manifest your Healing Art by creating your own Heart Poem and Heart Song.

Over the course of 6 weeks you will be guided to listen deeper into what is alive and needs expression through song right now.

Through embodied voice techniques and songwriting guidance you will tap into your creative Source and bring the longing of your heart into the shape of a Song. 

As a voice movement therapist and singer I have experienced the power of song in the journey of women and in my own song journey. 

As you create your personal “Song of the Heart” you will find that this song can be everything from a poem with a simple melody to an elaborate piece with many verses and a melodic arc. 

You are encouraged to share your Heart Song Journey within the sacred circle of women, thereby creating empowering moments for each other as you witness every Woman’s unique expression.


◈ Framework of the Course:

Every session will include a guided toning practice, to arrive deeper in the moment and to quiet the mind to hear your inner voice.

Step by step you are introduced to specific tools which facilitate your creative process of listening within and shaping your song.

To integrate the experience of each session there will be space for a heart sharing (where I invite you to unmute yourself) and singing. Songs are a beautiful and safe container for our emotions, as singing brings healing, freedom and joy.

You will be safely guided through the practices, hearing only the facilitator’s voice. This gives you the freedom to sound, move and sing from the comfort of your home.

In between the sessions Journaling is encouraged to create space, mentally and emotionally, for your poem, melody and song to emerge from within.


This Course is for every woman who:

◈  feels a calling to listen within and reconnect with her creative Source through her Voice
◈  is dedicated to a 6 week Journey of voice and song exploration and sharing within the group
has experience with body work (e.g. yoga, breathwork, voice work; when you register please share what experience you have)


◈ Course Details:

Begin:  Thursday 11th November 2021

Time:  10:00 -11:30am (UK Time)

Format:  6 Week Online Course, from November 11th – December 16th 


◈ Investment:

90    Early Bird until October 19th
120€  Full Course Price from October 20th


◈ 6x 1.5hour Live Ceremonies (the sessions are purposefully not recorded, to experience the power of the sacred circle in the NOW)

◈ Personal Support throughout the 6week Course, in a private Sharing Group 

◈ Weekly Home”play” Practices to deepen the Heart Song Journey (in your rhythm, in your own time)


◈ Registration: 

For registration and payment details please get in touch with Anna Grabner:

When you register please share with me your Intention for this Journey.

Registration for the Course closes on Tuesday, November 9th


◈  Testimonials of Women who joined the last “Song of the Heart” Course, in their diverse and unique Mother Languages:

💗 Anna gently encourages what is buried within to surface via sounding without any pressure to make words or even sense of the experience. I felt very free to allow the ugly to come out, safe to be witnessed sobbing, screaming, lost and also in pure joy at times; all is welcome. I highly recommend Anna, she is a truly gifted professional as well as beautiful soul sharing what she clearly loves and these people are hard to find” 💗 Charley, Yoga Teacher


💗 “Como posso explicar o quanto esta viagem do som ainda ressoa no meu coração? Começo por dizer que foi a primeira vez que me permiti a fazer algo do género. E foi uma viagem maravilhosa. Sinto que foi um momento de me redescobrir, desabrochar. Comecei como uma flor murcha. Seca. E convosco, permiti-me regar-me. Alimentar-me. Nutrir-me. Amar-me. 

Foi um trabalho interno muito purificante e bonito. Teve um grande impacto na minha vida. Eu sempre disse que não sabia cantar. Com o grupo descobri que não tenho que ser perfeita em nada, tenho apenas de ser eu. E esta descoberta foi tão importante para a minha auto estima. 

Passei a cantar / gritar muito mais. Sozinha. Acompanhada. Em casa. Se não estou bem canto. E se estou bem canto e danço. Sabe tão bem! Passei a permitir-me. Sai do meu medo. E sai uma pessoa muito mais confiante.💗


💗 “Für mich ist Singen und Tönen mit dir immer sehr befreiend. Ich erinnere mich immer wieder daran zu tönen wenn ich gestresst bin, oder meinen Heartsong zu singen. Ich liebe es mit dir zu arbeiten und meine Stimme mit deiner Hilfe zu finden. Die Gruppen Kurse helfen mir immer mich mit meiner Inneren Stimme und meinen Tiefgründen zu verbinden – das ist natürlich nicht immer einfach- aber SOOOO BEFREIEND: Ich bin dafür sehr dankbar.” 💗 Elisabeth, Reiki Therapist


💗 “Die HeartSongSessions haben mich in einer echt schweren Zeit unterstützt. Es hat mir die Möglichkeit geben Themen in deinem Geschützen Rahmen hochkommen zu lassen und auch zu entdecken und sie zu bearbeiten. Ich habe viel Trauer und Stress dagelassen.
Wunderbar war das mit dem OnlineKurs. So habe ich mich noch geschützter gefühlt, in meinen eigenen 4 Wänden.
Der Kurs hat mich auch in meinem Alltagssingen befreit. Viel öfter kann ich das singen anwenden im Alltag, einfach jauchzen, ohne Lied oder Text, sondern nur so. Besonders in intensiven Momenten ist das sounding so befreiend, stützend und das fühlt sich richtig an.
Ich habe mich sehr beschützt und gehalten gefühlt. Wenn ich an den Kurs denke, dann erinnere ich mich substantiell daran.” 💗 Anna, Artist


◈ Anna Grabner: 

Anna Grabner is passionate about the healing qualities of the voice. As a singer and psychologist she found an inspiring match in Voice Movement Therapy (VMT). Since her VMT training in 2012 she has been evolving her work based on this safe foundation to assist people in reconnecting with their authenticity through their voice. Anna has found that the playful nature of VMT encourages people to unfold their personal stories in guided voice movement journeys. In her sessions she assists her clients in connecting with their authenticity through movement and voice, inviting them to create their own life poems and songs. Her intention is to provide a safe playground for profound and creative self-expression.


I look forward to guiding you through this journey, as you listen and give voice to the longing of your heart that wishes to be cradled through song.

◈ OCEAN VOICE ◈ November 4th, Praia dos Coxos, Ericeira

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