Reconnecting Voice and Heart – with live music

April 28, 2017

18:30 - 20:30

Little Yoga Space, R. da Assunção 42, 1100-044 Lisboa


Reconnecting Voice and Heart – with Live Music

Do you sometimes feel a disconnect between your heart and your voice? As if you were losing your ground and connection to the place inside of you?

In this session we will sing ourselves home, exploring the journey back to our core, finding a familiar path back to our roots. We will connect to our potential, to be able to express our true and healthy self.

We will begin by gently arriving in our body, tuning into our core, connecting to our heart and root chakra. We will be aware of everything that brought us here and is still nourishing us now. Appreciating everything that made us the person we are.

We will explore our space and presence with techniques from Voice Movement Therapy. We will highlight the communal space that we create in the moment, in the circle, together. We will express what “home” means to all of us.

“Reconnecting Voice and Heart” provides a safe space were we connect in movement and song, in harmony. This way we deepen our connection through music, singing to and from our heart. Feeling into our roots and heart space again, strengthening our core and identity. With our Voice sounding from within, where our Heart is.

Investment: 20eur

Booking is essential:

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