◈ OCEAN VOICE ◈ November 4th, Praia dos Coxos, Ericeira

Starts November 4, 2021
Ends October 4, 2021

10:00 - 11:30

- not specified -

Donation-based Session

Tuning into the New Moon I invite us to voice and move together in this gorgeous scenery on Thursday November 4th.
With a guided Heart Sound Meditation we slowly begin to connect to our bodies and breathe from a very gentle safe space inside.
Tuning into the Soundscapes of the Ocean we deepen the silence within and let our intuitive voice emerge.
I will guide you through simple voice and movement practices, before everyone has their own moment of voice exploration.
You are invited to explore your Voice in Nature, to discover the Surroundings and Textures of the Rocks and Sand with your Body and Voice,
embracing your Connection with Nature.
By Listening to the Rhythm of your Breath and feeling into the Vibrations of your Voice you will sense what needs expression in that moment
and how it needs to flow out of you.
Be it soft, strong, contracting or expanding, meditative and playful. You feel what you need.
Maybe even a personal Heart Sound Melody will arise in the moment.
Depending on how we feel, we may end in silence or song and dance.
Let us unwind and feel the breeze of Life around us. Let us be inspired by the beautiful and powerful Atlantic Ocean.
Beach and Cliffs looking out onto the Ocean at Praia dos Coxos.
Please wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes & bring a bottle of water.
Contribution: Donation-based Session
Please get in touch to confirm your participation. I will then send you the location where the session begins:
This event can be held in Portuguese and English, depending on the needs of the group taking part.

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