Feminine Winter Day Retreat (Saturday 23rd February)

February 23, 2019

10:30 - 18:30

Praia de Gunicho and Little Yoga Space


Welcome to our Feminine Winter Day Retreat


Dear Women,

Anna and Martina would like to invite you to the Feminine Winter Day Retreat, a safe and empowering space to explore your Feminine Body Wisdom.

Winter is the most feminine part of your Cycle, a time to retreat into your inner world. It is about allowing yourself to rest and reconnect with your Essence, with Your Source. You withdraw from the outside world to rest and regenerate, so that you will be ready to open up from that fullness within you when Spring comes.

You will be guided through a journey to re-connect with your Inner Wise Woman whose knowing comes from her deep Connection to Nature- the nature around her as well as her inner nature.

You will explore this journey through:

* Connecting with Nature
* Silent Walks and Heart Sound Meditations along the beautiful Praia de Guincho and Praia do Abano
* Yoga Nidra – Guided Deep Relaxation
* Sound Journey
* Voice Movement Practices, to re-discover your Natural Voice as a way to reconnect and nourish yourself
* Sacred Sharing and Singing in the circle of Wise Women
* Ceremony

Our Bodies are Sacred Temples that hold deep feminine wisdom. You will discover the Winter element of your Feminine cycle, so you can grow into your authentic self and fully align with who you really are.

Come and celebrate Your Feminine Winter with Us.

Contribution: 40€ (includes the workshop and snacks)

Please bring:
*something for the Ceremony which makes you feel even more beautiful (a shawl, a dress..)

We meet at Praia de Guincho at 10.30h and begin our walk along the coast from there. Depending on the weather the duration of the walk will be approx. 2 hours, with “heart sound meditations” and a “sacred dance” in between.
We will then have lunch together at the Restaurant at Guincho Beach. After lunch we will make our way back to the city to continue with the practices in the studio Little Yoga Space.

Please let us know if you have a car and can give a lift to women coming from Lisbon.

About the Facilitators:
Anna Grabner:
As a registered voice movement therapy practitioner (VMTR), with a background as a practicing psychologist, Anna’s intention is to assist people in connecting with their authenticity through movement and voice, providing a safe playground for profound and creative self-expression. Moreover, she has been running women circles and workshops together with Martina Vonkomerova for over a year. She feels deeply about creating a support system where women can meet regularly to share their experiences in words, song and dance.

Please get in touch with us for more info and registration:
*Artwork by Jessica Dunegan

Vocal Sound Bath (Friday, 12th April at 20h)

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