☆ EMBODIED VOICE & RITUALS ☆ June 28th, Ericeira

June 28, 2023

18:00 - 20:00

Calçada do Cravo 1, 2640-086 Santo Isidoro

20€ // Bring a friend & each of you pays 15€




This 2h Embodied Voice and Ritual Session is a Sacred Space to experience the Healing and Creative Potential that Your Voice holds.

Through Sounding, Singing, Movement, Vocal Improvisation, Meditation and Rituals we create a Sound Journey together that allows for deep, joyful and creative expression.


I love to sing and love to inspire others to sing more and to reconnect with their true voice.

Sharing voice work is my passion. Be it softly or wildly, be it fun or more serious, this is what the voice discovery is all about. Speaking your truth. Singing from your Heart. Sounding from the Depth of your being.

Every Sound is welcome.
Showing up for yourself and being seen and heard by others as you do so. We need to feel safe to be able to open up and express ourselves truthfully, and this is where I come in. I feel that my background in holding space for groups as a psychologist and voice movement therapist helps ground this experience for you.

Even more so just being me and showing my vulnerability. When you hear my voice you may also feel my nerves, and my frustration, and my joy, that is what makes the journey real.

Come join us. Let us shake out any stories that keep us stuck in a loop of a doubting inner voice.

Give yourself space to enjoy the Freedom that expressing yourself fully will give you.


Wednesday June 28th, from 18– 20h

Exchange: 20 // Bring a friend and it is 15€ for each of you


Location: Calçada do Cravo 1, 2640-086 Santo Isidoro, Ericeira

Registration: Please write to reserve your spot in advance: anna@yourvoicemoves.com


For questions and for signing up feel welcome to contact me.

I am looking forward to exploring our voices together,


☆ YOUR SINGING BODY ☆ Friday AUGUST 25th, Ericeira

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