Breathe in, breathe out – before Christmas freaks you out!

December 18, 2016

14:00 - 17:30

Little Yoga Space. Rua da Assuncao 42


Escape the noise and rush and join us for an afternoon of channeling our inner Christmas calm. We will relax, get cosy, and bring out the simple joy residing in all of us.

A restorative yoga session with Arina will help us to arrive and settle and let go of some of the stress of the Christmas madness. We will stay in comfortable supported poses creating the conditions that allow our bodies to let go of tension, and our entire nervous system can begin to relax.

Then Anna and José will guide a session to help us to find the balance between our “soft inside” and “loud outside”, to channel the energy we need to get through Christmas alive and healthy. We will dive into a Voice Movement Journey exploring the soft sides, accompanied by meditative ukulele music, and the louder aspects, driven by more lively music, to encourage us to be free, to shake and let out all the tensions that have been building up to this moment.

To close, Kat will take us through a Mindful Touch meditation, allowing us to re-connect with ourselves as well as each other. A practice of loving kindness and compassion, which the Christmas Season should be all about.

We invite you to join us in this festive gathering and sharing of movement, relaxation, vocal sound, dance, song and meditation. Let’s do a joyous dance!

All are welcome, no prior experience needed.

And there will be Christmas biscuits too!

25€ – booking is essential! Email us on

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