LULLABY JOURNEY – 5 Week Online Womb Song Course for Mothers

Starts November 16, 2021
Ends December 14, 2021

10:00 - 11:30


Early Bird Price of 75€ (valid until October 26th)

Lullaby Journey – 5 Week Online Womb Song Course for Mothers 


The journey to becoming a mother marks a special transition in a woman’s life.
As a mother and therapist I have witnessed the empowering growth that happens in a woman’s body and psyche as she shifts from being a woman to becoming a mother.
I would like to accompany you to make this process easier and even more special by creating this safe Journey space.
Over the course of 5 weeks we share our womb stories and voices in song. I will guide you to create your own Lullaby, a creative and nourishing memory of your Journey into Motherhood.

In this “Mother’s Lullaby” Journey you will be guided to listen deeper into what is alive and needs expression through your voice right now.

From our Opening Ceremony we slowly move through a Journey of tuning into our Bodies, Hearts and Wombs, through guided breath mediations, as well as embodied voice and movement techniques and songs.
For our Closing Ceremony I invite you then to share Your Lullaby or Letter to your Womb that you have created in the course of the 5 Week’s Journey.

Your Lullaby may be a spoken word piece for your Womb, in the form of a Letter or a poem. It may have a very soothing quality or might even feel more like a rant. It may be an elaborate song with many verses, each one dedicated to a memory of your journey from pregnancy to birth. Everything is welcome. Everything you create and share is welcome in this sacred voice temple of us mothers.


Framework of the Course:

Every session will include a guided toning practice, to arrive deeper in the moment and to quiet the mind to hear your inner voice.

Step by step you are introduced to specific tools which facilitate your creative process of listening within and shaping your Lullaby.

To integrate the experience of each session there will be space for a heart sharing (where I invite you to unmute yourself) and singing. Songs are a beautiful and safe container for our emotions, as singing brings healing, freedom and joy.

You will be safely guided through the practices, hearing mostly my facilitating voice alone. This gives you the freedom to sound, move and sing from the comfort of your home.

In between the sessions Journaling is encouraged to create space, mentally and emotionally, for your poem, melody and song to emerge from within.


This Journey is for every mother who 

  • needs support to come home into her body 
  • wishes to express her longings as a woman and mother 
  • wishes to celebrate her motherhood
  • needs to safely express herself and be seen and heard in a circle of mothers who understand her emotional journey, including her shadow moments of frustration and guilt


Regardless of how long the birth of your child goes back,  whether you became a mother 6months ago or many decades ago, it is always the right time to nourish your mother body and your womb (also your energetic womb, if you do not have a physical womb anymore). 

As a voice movement therapist and mother myself I have experienced the power of word and song as a helpful vehicle to digest the emotional journey into motherhood.


Course Details:

Begin:  Tuesday November 16th 2021

Time:  10:00 -11:30am (UK Time)

Format:  5 Week Online Course, from November 16th – December 14th 

5 Sessions á 1h30min, on Tuesday mornings, beginning November 16th 2021


Investment into your Journey:

Early Bird Price: 75 (valid until October 26th)

Full Price : 95 (from October 27th)




For registration and payment details please get in touch with Anna Grabner:

When you register please share with me your Intention for this Journey.

Registration for the Course closes on Monday, November 15th


Note: This course is meant for you to take a moment just for yourself, to nourish yourself as a mother and woman. If you would like to take part but your baby is still very small and you are unsure how to be fully present, please let me know so we may find a way together. 



Anna Grabner: 

Anna Grabner is passionate about the healing qualities of the voice. As a singer and psychologist she found an inspiring match in Voice Movement Therapy (VMT). Since her VMT training in 2012 she has been evolving her work based on this safe foundation to assist people in reconnecting with their authenticity through their voice.

Anna has found that the playful nature of VMT encourages people to unfold their personal stories in guided voice movement journeys. In her sessions she assists her clients in connecting with their authenticity through movement and voice, inviting them to create their own life poems and songs. Her intention is to provide a safe playground for profound and creative self-expression.

Since becoming a mother herself, she has accompanied women in exploring their maternal voice and the relation to the pelvic floor, to feel more empowered for both labour and the postpartum recovery process. She co-organises sisterhood circles, inviting women to reflect on self-care and to share and express themselves through the world of song and dance.

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