◈ SINGING CEREMONY (July 5th, Ericeira)◈

July 5, 2022

19:00 - 21:00

House of the Rising Mojo, Calçada do Cravo 1, Ericeira

Donation Based Gathering

I invite you to sit with me in a circle to enjoy the experience of listening and singing together.
I feel grateful to be singing in the lovely dome close to home again. I will share some original songs and invite you to drop deeper in connection with yourself, listening with your heart.
As we then sing songs together that may deepen our awareness of our voice and uplift us, we co-create a sacred safe space where the magic of sound may unfold.
◈ Tuesday, July 5th, from 19h-21h
◈ House of the Rising Mojo, Ericeira
◈ Donation Based Gathering
◈ Please let me know that you are coming so I can prepare the space for you: anna@yourvoicemoves.com

✦ OCEAN VOICE SESSION (JULY 13th, Ericeira) ✦

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