Singing Yourself Home (Begin 9th April, 6 Week Online Course)


Home is a place where we feel safe. Where we feel seen and heard. Where we are encouraged to express what needs to be released from the heart.

It is very much part of the essence of what we seek for in Life. This Home is within us.

I invite you to journey “Home” with me, by reconnecting and singing yourself home into your body.

The “Singing Yourself Home” Course is based on my passion of Singing, Song-Writing and teachings of Voice Movement Therapy.

Every session will include a guided breathing and toning practice, to open up and be present for what needs your attention on that day. I will introduce a different vocal and non- vocal technique from Voice Movement Therapy each time, as a starting point for you to discover and realign your Body and Voice. To integrate the experience of each session we will have a sharing and sing a Song.
Songs are a beautiful and safe container for our emotions as singing brings healing, freedom and joy.


Do you feel the need to realign your Body and Voice?
I will hold the space for you to Rebirth Your Voice and Sing Yourself Home.


Every Thursday, 10:00-11:00
Starts 9th April, for six weeks until May 14th

50€ (for total of 6 weeks)
Drop in option only for the first session, on 9th April (10€).

What to bring:
Please bring paper and pens/crayons to write and draw with.

What to wear:
Please wear clothes that give you freedom to move. You can even come in your pyjamas, if they make you feel comfortable to move and voice in.

This is an online course via Zoom. Still the space is limited and registration is necessary.
For the Drop in Class on 9th April please register via the
Little Yoga Space:
To register for the full course and for any further questions please get in touch with me: